Spark rekindles the entrepreneurial spirit in CEOs who have lost energy and vitality either personally or as a company. Our approach is designed to help the CEO achieve and sustain the business and leadership skills we teach.

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The Spark team inspires entrepreneurial business leaders to evaluate their vision, set aspirational goals and develop strong, effective teams and processes that accelerate growth.

Spark’s entrepreneurs and coaches deliver the best people, tools and methods to support your leadership journey. As a better leader you will empower your team, set the tone of your team culture, and see your entire organization become more credible and investment-worthy.


Spark is focused on entrepreneurial businesses with $2-8 million in revenues in need of one or more of the following:

  • • Succession/Leadership transition
    • Culture transformation
    • Regaining relevance in targeted market(s)
    • Winning sales and marketing strategies
    • Sustainable financial performance
    • High-performing teams

The Spark Edge

Your Spark Team envisions your emerged business climbing to its next level with a rekindled entrepreneurial spirit. This spirit was what brought your company out into the marketplace you serve. The spirit seeks to make a difference in the world by delivering higher quality products and services.


CEO Inner Circle
Strategic Planning
Culture Building and Transformation
Entrepreneur & Executive Coaching
Business Plan Development
Succession Strategy


Plan Execution Review
Leadership Assessment
SWOT Analysis
Finance & Funding
Employee Empowerment
Operations Risk

Sales & Marketing

Sales Campaign
Marketing Positioning
Collaboration Methods
Client Retention & Attraction
Innovation & Productivity
Entrepreneurial Expansion

Once you have climbed the mountain, you will be equipped to lead others. You can count on Spark to be your trusted companions along the way. And, Spark is LOCAL. Read why that makes a difference on the Small Business Referral Network (SBRN), of which Spark is a member.

We know that your rekindled entrepreneurial spirit will help you lead yourself and others into ever-higher levels of success and ultimately significance. Don’t worry. We’ll find your fire.

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We build rekindled businesses. Contact Spark to learn more about how we might elevate your business spirit, which improves operating strength and delivers your next level performance and profitability.

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